Article by Dariusz Stolicki published in "Mathematical Social Sciences"

An article Average Weights and Power in Weighted Voting Games by Daria Boratyn (Jagiellonian Center for Quantitative Research in Political Science / Institute of Mathematics), Werner Kirsch (JCQRPS / FernUniversitat Hagen), Wojciech Słomczyński (JCQRPS / Institute of Mathematics), Dariusz Stolicki (JCQRPS / Institute of Political Science and International Relations) and Karol Życzkowski (JCQRPS / Institute of Physics) has been published in the most recent volume of “Mathematical Social Sciences,” an Elsevier journal included in the Journal Citation Reports database. The authors consider weighted voting systems (used in, inter alia, the Council of the European Union, multiple international organizations, and joint-stock companies). By treating actors’ weights as random variables, they abstract from the pecularities of a specific configuration of the actors and are able to investigate general effects of the number of voters and voting rules. The article provides analytical formulae for the expected values and densities of the distributions of player weights and numerical results regarding the dependence of voting powers on the qualified majority threshold.

The article is available online at (subscription needed) and in the preprint form at arXiv (arXiv:1905.04261).

Published Date: 10.11.2020
Published by: Michał Dulak