Nowa publikacja dr hab. Doroty Pietrzyk-Reeves

Nakładem międzynarodowego wydawnictwa naukowego Peter Lang ukazała się nowa książka dr hab. Doroty Pietrzyk-Reeves pt. "Civil Society, Democracy and Democratization".

This book is the result of over ten years of research which concentrated on three interconnected phenomena: civil society, democracy and democratization. These three topics are of such significance that they should not be purely confined to academic interest. The aim of this book is to contribute to the ongoing discussion on civil society in the context of democracy and democratization. The theoretical perspective presented here combines my interest in political philosophy, normative democratic theory and the concepts and practice of civil society, as well as the recent processes of democratization in post-communist Europe. A normative rather than purely descriptive approach is the common ground from which my analysis in different chapters advances.

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Dorota Pietrzyk-Reeves, Civil Society, Democracy and Democratization, Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, Frankfurt am Main--Berlin--Bern--Bruxelles--New York--Oxford--Wien, 2015. 208 pp. ISBN 978-3-631-66526-8 hb.  (Hardcover)

Data opublikowania: 11.03.2016
Osoba publikująca: Dariusz Stolicki