The area of research interests

The research interests of the staff members at the Department of Journalism and the scientific activities conducted by them focus on a wide range of phenomena studied by political sciences, legal studies, linguistics or history and media studies. Our research investigates the relationship between politics and the media, legal aspects of the media and the profession of a journalist, political journalism, media systems of western countries, the theory of mass and political communication, the role of new media in political communication, political marketing, strategic communication and the language of the media and politics.


The Department of Journalism plays a key role in organizing the specialty of "political journalism" for the first and second cycle programmes of studies in political science. Therefore, we offer a number of major courses including workshops conducted by the practitioners of TV and press journalism. We also offer a wide range of legal courses, with varying degrees of difficulty, and classes devoted the language of the media, journalism genres, online journalism and the importance of digital media for contemporary society.

Staff members at the Department of Journalism teach almost 50 courses in total at all the fields of study, i.e.: political science, international relations, national security, at the first and second cycle programmes of studies.

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Department of Journalism IPSIR JU

address: al. A. Mickiewicza 3 (Kolegium Śląskie)
31-120 Kraków
rooms No. 220 and 222


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Instytutu Nauk Politycznych i Stosunków Międzynarodowych
ul. Jabłonowskich 5
31-114 Kraków

Head of the Department: prof. Monika Ślufińska, PhD

Position: assistant professor with a habilitated doctor degree

Research interests:

Her research interests include the theory of social communication, mass media history, the theories of political and legal doctrines, general history and the history of Poland in 20th century.

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Beata Zając, PhD

Position: senior lecturer with doctor degree

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Jakub Żurawski, PhD

IPSIR JU website coordinator

Position: assistant professor

Research interests:

As part of his studies on political communication, he investigates the role of new media in the development of political processes, with particular emphasis on political campaigns and the topics of political public relations and political marketing, seen as contemporary and constantly evolving formulas establishing the relationship between political elites and the citizens. His research interests also include the conditions and regulations that apply to political campaigns in Poland and abroad. Many of his projects, as well as courses taught by him, focus on the importance of the development of new forms of digital communication for a democratic country and modern society, including the newly established information society. Particular attention should be given to the impact of information technology on the functioning of one of the constitutive elements of a democratic state - the general election. He is also interested in the practical aspects of political online journalism.

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Leszek Rafalski, MScEng

Position: lecturer 

Research interests:

Press and modern electronic media. Their role in shaping public opinion and influencing social life. Evolution of the press market, changes in newspapers in the context of the development of internet portals and messengers. The role of the journalist in contemporary media, his responsibility for the word. Work standards in editorial offices in the ethical and material dimension. Improving the formula of the workshop classes bringing the student closer to cooperation with the media.

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