Lecture by Nick Pope: "UFOs and Government" within the project “State, Diversity, and Security. Studies on Interdependencies in Conteporary World”

event-date: 08.03.2022
Place: Online; MS Teams, streaming on Youtube
organizer: Faculty of International and Political Studies
Contact: dr Piotr Obacz, piotr.obacz@uj.edu.pl, 691 409 134

We cordially invite all students, PhD candidates and scholars of the JU’s Faculty of International and Political Studies to participate in the lecture by Nick Pope – retired official of the UK Ministry of Defence, entitled:

UFOs and Government


The event will take place on March 8, 2022 (Tuesday) at 16:00 on the MS Teams platform, and will be live-streamed on Youtube.

LINKS TO THE MEETING: MS Teamsstreaming on Youtube 


Nick Pope is a retired official of UK Ministry of Defence (1985-2006), well-known security expert, specializing in UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) and UFOs (unidentified flying objects), an author, journalist and broadcaster.

During his duty for the British Ministry of Defence, in years 1991-1994 Nick Pope worked in so-called “UFO Desk”, where he was responsible for investigating reports of UFO sightings and verification if they have any significance for national security. Later he was assigned to the Directorate of Defence Security.

As an expert, journalist and commentator, Nick Pope discusses security matters and government and military policies connected with UFO phenomena.

Abstract of the lecture:

The UFO phenomenon has undergone a transformation in the last four years, particularly in the United States. Developments have included the release of UFO videos taken from US Navy jets, the establishment of new Department of Defense offices to manage the subject, the production of an intelligence assessment of UFOs, and the inclusion of multiple UFO-related provisions in the new defense bill. Congress, the Department of Defense, the US intelligence community and the mainstream media are all taking the subject seriously. But why has the policy on this subject changed so dramatically, and are these mystery objects drones from United States, Russia or China, or could they be extraterrestrial? And with some people in government and the scientific community taking the extraterrestrial hypothesis seriously, what would be the political and societal consequences if this theory turned out to be correct? Retired UK Ministry of Defence employee Nick Pope used to investigate UFOs for the British government and will give a personal assessment of what is taking place. 

Professor Eisenberg’s lecture will inaugurate the series of eight lectures within the project “State, Diversity, and Security. Studies on Interdependencies in Contemporary World”.



February 28

Prof. Avigail Eisenberg, University of Victoria


March 8

Nick Pope, former officer of British Ministry of Defence, now independent expert, advisor and publicist


March 23

Prof. Robert O. Keohane, Princeton University


April 12

Prof. Bogusław Pacek, a retired Major General of the Polish Army, Jagiellonian University, Chair in East and South Asia, Institute of the Middle and Far East, Faculty of International and Political Studies


April 26

Prof. Artur Gruszczak, Jagiellonian University, Chair in National Security, Institute of Political Science and International Relations, Faculty of International and Political Studies


May 10

Prof. Brygida Kuźniak, Jagiellonian University, Chair in Public International Law, Faculty of Law and Administration


May 24

Prof. Oriane Calligaro, Université Catholique de Lille


The project “State, Diversity, and Security. Studies on Interdependencies in Conteporary World” is supported by a grant from the Priority Research Area “Heritage”, Didactic-Educational Minigrants Edition I, under the Strategic Programme Excellence Initiative at the Jagiellonian University.

The aim of the project is to organize innovative online interdisciplinary lectures as part of the series "State, diversity and security. Studies on interdependencies in contemporary world”. They will be given by renowned scholars, prominent academics and important public figures from various countries. The lecture series is aimed at students and Ph.D. candidates of the Jagiellonian University, especially of the Faculty of International and Political Studies, who will have a unique opportunity to meet recognized experts - political scientists, lawyers and specialists in security and international relations - and, most importantly, to broaden their knowledge and cognitive horizons. Lectures will be devoted to the fundamental problems and challenges of today’s world, which have a fundamental impact on human life, the functioning of states and societies, and which may affect their future. This series will be particularly important for students and Ph.D. candidates of the Jagiellonian University as it will enable presentation of selected problems and challenges not as isolated cases but as elements of global processes taking place under conditions of interdependence, growing with progressive globalization.

Project manager is Dr Piotr Obacz – Assistant Professor in the Chair in the History of Polish Political Thought, Institute of Political Science and International Relations, Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University.

We would like to invite all of our scholars, students and PhD candidates to participate in the abovementioned meetings on the MS Teams platform and Youtube.

All of attendees will have an opportunity to comment and ask questions using chat.

If you would like to submit questions to our experts and/or issues you would like to be discussed, please contact the Project manager and at the same time the host of the meetings – Dr Piotr Obacz: piotr.obacz@uj.edu.pl.

Published Date: 22.02.2022
Published by: Jakub Żurawski