Open Lecture by Colonel Ronald Ti, adviser to the Australian Department of Defence

event-date: 14.11.2018
Place: Auditorium Maximum UJ (33 Krupnicza St), Medium Lecture Hall B (Aula Średnia B)
organizer: Department of National Security

The Department of National Security of the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of Jagiellonian University in cooperation with the Students’ Association of National Security cordially invites to the Open Lecture by Colonel Ronald Ti,  Specialist Technical Adviser in Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Australian Department of Defence. The topic of the lecture is: Civil and Military Cooperation: An introduction to CIMIC as practised in the Australian Defence Force and as a civilian contractor to multinational resource sector corporations in the developing world.

The lecture will take place in Auditorium Maximum (33 Krupnicza St), Medium Lecture Hall B (Aula Średnia B) in Krakow, on the 14th of November 2018 (Wednesday), starting at 14.00 (2 pm). It will be followed by Q & A session. The lecture and debate will be held in English.

Ronald Ti is a colonel of the Austrialian Defence Force, public health physician, experienced military health logistician as well as a consultant on tropical medicine. He holds the Graduate Certificate in Management by the University of New England and the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration from the University of Sydney. During his military career he combined the duties of phycisian, tropical medicine advisor and military health logistician with  CIMIC roles both on operational deployments and as a private consultant. He took part in international military operational deployments in Papua New Guinea (2001), Timor Leste (2002-2003), Iraq (2005) and Afghanistan (2011). Currently Colonel Ti is Specialist Technical Advisor with Integrated Soldier Systems Branch, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Melbourne, and Command Senior Medical Advisor with Strategic Clinical Assurance, Joint Health Command, Canberra.

Published Date: 05.11.2018
Published by: Dariusz Stolicki