Meeting with prof. of UJ Robert Kłosowicz, Ph.D. - the author of the book "Konteksty dysfunkcyjności państw Afryki Subsaharyjskiej"

event-date: 15.03.2018
Place: Jagiellonian Library
organizer: Jagiellonian Univeristy Press

Jagiellonian Univeristy Press and Jagiellonian Library would like to invite You to the meeting with prof. of UJ Robert Kłosowicz, Ph.D. - the author of the book "Konteksty dysfunkcyjności państw Afryki Subsaharyjskiej".


Participants in the disscussion accompanying the meeting:

- Joanna Mormul, Ph.D. – Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy of the Jagiellonian University

- The Author


At the beginning of the 21st century, the world is still struggling with such serious challenges as extreme poverty, civilizational underdevelopment, human rights abuses, armed conflicts, refugees, illiteracy and epidemics. These problems mainly affect about two billion people living in around forty countries with a high degree of state dysfunctionality. According to indexes prepared by various international organizations, government institutions and think tanks, the most dysfunctional states are located in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, the state dysfunctionality experienced by African countries affect them on many levels and may look differently in different parts of the continent. The aim of the monograph is an attempt to present this problem in various contexts, taking into account the current state of the countries in the region. The author’s intention is not and has never been to join the group of Afropessimists who perceive Sub-Saharan Africa as a “failed” region. At the genesis of the conducted research and this publication, there was a desire to better understand the phenomenon of state dysfunctionality and the reasons that made Sub-Saharan Africa the area most affected by this problem.


The meeting will take place on March the, at 17:00, in the hall of Jagiellonan University


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Published Date: 21.02.2018
Published by: Jakub Żurawski