Research grant for Michał Rekowski

We are extremely pleased to announce that Michał Rekowski, MA, a Doctoral Student at the Department of National Security, Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations, received a research grant from the Polish National Science Centre (NCN) within the PRELUDIUM funding scheme for pre-doctoral researchers at the early stage of their scientific career. The awarded project concerns the role of institutions of the European Union in the building of European Strategic Autonomy. It is connected with a PhD dissertation supervised by Professor Paweł Frankowski.

The research project aims at defining the role of the European Union institutions in the process of implementation of European Strategic Autonomy (EAS). The project is intended to carry out the following research tasks. Firstly, it will develop a concept of strategic autonomy that can be applied to the study of all sectors of EU policies. Secondly, it will analyze political and geopolitical factors which shape the process of EAS extension and implementation and determine the positioning of the European Union as an actor in international politics. Thirdly, it will determine roles played by EU institutions and agencies in the implementation of EAS. In particular, it will define how do these institutions define EAS and what actions do they take to implement it under specific sectoral policies. Lastly, the project will examine how does the implementation of EAS affect the European Union as a global actor.

Sincere congratulations and wishes of a successful implementation of the research project!


Picture courtesy of Narodowe Centrum Nauki


Published Date: 27.11.2020
Published by: Michał Dulak