New book by Michał Dulak, PhD - "Legitimisation of the Polish European policy. The system analysis"

The book pursues three important goals from the point of view of the political science in Poland. First is to create a model of the Polish European policy system, which was complemented by the another model of the legitimacy of the given policy in two basic dimensions – efficiency and institutional and democratic. Second research goal  of the book is to analyze the place and role of the Sejm, Seante and local self-government bodies in the system of national European policy. An interesting part of the book is the reconstruction of all decision and administrative mechanisms that are used within the system of Polish European policy. Third research goal of the book is to examine the effectiveness of the activity of the Sejm, Senate and local self-government institutions in the main coordination and agenda setting processes taking place within the framework of the national European policy system. For this purpose, an empirical study was carried out using statistical methods and qualitative methods.

Table of contents 

Legitymizacja polskiej polityki europejskiej. Analiza systemowa [Legitimisation of the Polish European policy. The system analysis]
Author: Michał Dulak
Publishing house: Księgarnia Akademicka
Pages: 480
Series: Societas, 107
ISBN/ISSN: 9788376388854
Language: Polish



Published Date: 08.03.2018
Published by: Michał Dulak