The 2nd Jagiellonian Interdisciplinary Security Conference

On 17-19 September 2018 Department of National Security of Jagiellonian University organized international conference “Friends, Foes and Familiar Strangers: Reassessing Actorness in Times of the Global (Dis)Order”. Conference gathered scholars from several countries from Western Europe, North America and Asia. Keynote speech "Technology, human agency and the future of human conflict" was delivered by Prof. Christopher Coker from London School of Economics and Political Science.


The 2nd Jagiellonian Interdisciplinary Security Conference (2JISC) sought to stimulate interdisciplinary debate on contemporary actorness in the complex security environment. “Friends”, “Foes” and “Familiar Strangers” (S. Milgram) are the archetypes of dominant patterns of behaviour and performance in contemporary turbulent global security system. They serve as referent objects of security in its dynamic, “liquid” form, going beyond conventional roles and established institutional schemes. They facilitate security actors’ differentiation according to their status and roles performed in selected security fields. They also stimulate discussion about varieties of actorness in domestic, national and global dimensions of security policy.


Data publikacji: 02.10.2018
Osoba publikująca: Jakub Żurawski