Exit Room Africa

On 24th May four students in the cooperation with Institute of Political Science and International Relations performed their orginal event about Africa. It was an unique mix of a traditional conference and an „exitroom” game. First part of this event were lectures (admission free) about Africa. There were five lecturers:
  • Prof. Robert Kłosowicz (Head of the Institiute of Political Science and International Relations), specialist of African studies
  • Dr Joanna Mormul (Jagiellonian Uniwersity), specialist of dysfunctional states
  • Ewa Piekarska, Polska Misja Medyczna (Polish Medical Mission Association)
  • Mateusz Gurbiel, Polska Fundacja dla Afryki (Polish Charity for Arfica)
  • Piotr Tomza, Stowarzyszenie Afryka Nowaka (Nowak's Africa Association)
They were talking about their knowledge and experience connected with Africa. The audience had a good chance to ask scholars and practitioners what Africa is like.

Second part of this event was a game for high school students from Kraków, Tarnów, Krzeszowice and Pszczyna. They had to solve riddles in 3 rooms (tasks connected with maps, flags, caricatures and tables). Everything was based on a popular form „escape room” however organizers enrich this game trough book, articles or statistics. By having used these academic materials, our participants broadened their horizons. Each of four teams had to struggle with different part of Africa (Maghreb, The Horn of Africa, Southern Africa and Central Africa). High School in Pszczyna won the main prize (books, gifts of Jagiellonian University and a political map of Africa).

Data publikacji: 28.05.2017
Osoba publikująca: Michał Dulak