Rakowiecka w remoncie – a new book by Dr. Arkadiusz Nyzio from the Department of National Security

We gladly inform that a book titled Rakowiecka w remoncie. Transformacja polityki bezpieczeństwa wewnętrznego Polski w latach 1989–1993 [Rakowiecka under renovation. The transformation of Poland’s internal security policy in the years 1989-1993] authored by Dr. Arkadiusz Nyzio, an Assistant Professor at the Department of National Security, was published by Księgarnia Akademicka Publishers. The book was included in the series Societas, edited by Professor Bogdan Szlachta. It is the first monographic book in the Polish scholarly literature that describes comprehensively the issues of transformation of the internal security apparatus in the first years of the Third Republic (post-1989).

It presents the transformation of the Ministry of the Interior, the establishment of the Police, State Protection Office, Border Guard and State Fire Service, as well as reforms of the penitentiary system, Civil Defense, Office of State Protection, Vistula Military Units and procedures in the field of crisis management. The book is an outcome of several years of research and an extensive source query including, in the first place, archival government documents, as well as interviews with participants of the described events.

In a review of the book, Professor Antoni Dudek wrote: “Arkadiusz Nyzio's book opens a new stage in the research on the birth of the Third Republic. Thanks to the use of a huge collection of source materials, analytical sharpness and plain language used by Dr. Nyzio, he managed to present the process of transforming the empire of the Ministry of Internal Affairs not only with an impressive knowledge of details and with accuracy, but also by taking into account a broad socio-political background. This is a book that everyone who wants to understand the backstage of the process of transformation of the Security Service (SB) into the Office of State Protection (UOP) and the Civic Militia into the Police should read and find out what changes in the first years of the Third Republic took place in the prison system or in the firefighting service. "

Contents and excerpys: https://books.akademicka.pl/publishing/catalog/view/210/629/575-1

Title: Rakowiecka w remoncie. Transformacja polityki bezpieczeństwa wewnętrznego Polski w latach 1989–1993
Publisher: Księgarnia Akademicka, Kraków 2020 
Series: Societas, vol. 130
ISBN: 9788381380058
Pages: 889 
Language: Polish

Published Date: 01.06.2021
Published by: Michał Dulak