New book entitled „Realizm neoklasyczny w perspektywie teorii stosunków międzynarodowych i polityki zagranicznej” by Magdalena Kozub-Karkut

We are pleased to announce that a new book entitled „Realizm neoklasyczny w perspektywie teorii stosunków międzynarodowych i polityki zagranicznej” [Neoclassical Realism in IR theory and FPA Perspective] by Magdalena Kozub-Karkut  has been published. 

The monograph refers to the relationship between International Relations (IR) theories and Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA), with particular focus on neoclassical realism theory. Part one of the monograph is made up of two chapters and focuses on the disconnect between FPA and IR theory. In the chapter one the Author tries to answer the question of the reasons for the separation of FPA from the International Relations discipline. The aim of chapter two is to indicate the attachment of FPA researchers to different levels of analysis than those referred to by IR theorists. Conclusions of the first part of the monograph suggest that that FPA is not typically acknowledged as part of IR discipline, however this division should be considered as artificial. Part two of the book draws the reader’s attention to the neoclassical realism and its possible integration with foreign policy theories. Hence, chapter three is focused on neoclassical realism and it is an attempt at answering the question of how representatives of neoclassical realism combine assumptions about the influence of the international system’s structure with those related to the importance of domestic politics and decision-making factors. Chapter four is an attempt to answer the question how to combine the assumptions of neoclassical realism with theories of foreign policy, with a particular focus on the possible integration of material and ideational factors operating at different levels of analysis. It suggests that FPA is ideally situated to provide insights to further development of neoclassical realism. Conclusions of the second part indicate that each of groups of intervening variables distinguished by neoclassical realists, i.e.: leader images; strategic culture; state – society relations and domestic institutions, can be supplemented by FPA findings, without violating its core assumptions. The last part of the monograph contains a summary of each chapter and conclusions.

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Published Date: 18.11.2020
Published by: Michał Dulak