Expertise by prof. dr hab. Janusz Węca entitled "Unia Europejska na historycznym zakręcie. Bieżące wyzwania i scenariusze ich przezwyciężenia" ("European Union on the Historic Turn. Current challenges and scenarios for overcoming them"), published in the Sejm Publishing House.

We are happy to announce that Wydawnictwo Sejmowe (the Sejm Publishing House) has published a monograph entitled Integracja Europejska - Polska perspektywa (European Integration - a Polish perspective) written by 24 outstanding specialists in European integration and the European Union in Poland. The editors of the monograph are professors Zbigniew Czachór (UAM), Tomasz G.Grosse (UW) and Waldemar Paruch (UMCS). The work consists of three parts. Firs one contains diagnoses and assessments of the current situation in the European Union, the second presents forecasts and scenarios for the development of the Union in the future (until 2025), and the third part is devoted to the most important challenges facing this international organization. The author of one of the expert opinions titled Unia Europejska na historycznym zakręcie. Bieżące wyzwania i scenariusze ich przezwyciężenia (European Union on the historic turn. Current challenges and scenarios for overcoming them) - is prof. dr hab. Janusz Węc, head of the Chair of Studies on Integration Processes and the Jean Monnet Chair at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations.
The title of the monograph:
• in Polish: Inegracja Europejska - Polska perspektywa
• in English: European integration - Polish perspective
Name of the publishing house: Wydawnictwo Sejmowe
Place and date of issue: Warsaw 2018
Number of pages: 615
Number of publishing sheets: 40
ISBN number: 978-83-7666-580-1
Keywords: in English: European Union, European integration, Polish perspective


Published Date: 23.01.2019
Published by: Michał Dulak