New book by Agnieszka Nitszke, Ph.D. on the system of European Union agencies

We would like to inform that a new book titled System agencji Unii Europejskiej [eng. System of European Union agencies] by Agnieszka Nitszke, PhD, a member of the Jean Monnet Chair EUCRIS team, has been recently published. This is the second monograph published on the basis of research conducted under the JMC EUCRIS grant. Dr. A. Nitszke's book is in open access. We encourage you to read.

A. Nitszke - System agencji Unii Europejskiej


The issue of EU agencies is one of the less frequently discussed topics in the field of European studies. Beyond the scientific community, knowledge about the agency, their tasks and functions is negligible. Meanwhile, EU agencies are playing an increasingly important role in shaping European policies. They are an intermediate link between the EU institutions and the broadly understood circle of stakeholders. The agency system has also evolved over the years of material development and institutional European integration. The first of them were created in the 1970s, but their position, tasks and roles were significantly different from today's operating agencies. The aim of the monograph is to familiarize with the issues related to the agencies, as well as to present their origins, tasks and organizational structure. The author formulates two research hypotheses. The first one assumes that agencies are an added value within the institutional system of the European Union, and without them the decision-making process would be difficult. In turn, the second hypothesis states that in the process of the evolution of European integration and the development of the agency system, there has occured an agencyification of the European Union, which is understood as an uncontrollably and unplanned process of increasing autonomy of the EU agencies.

Published Date: 28.10.2018
Published by: Michał Dulak