New book edited by prof. Robert Kłosowicz - Pionierzy krakowskiej afrykanistyki

Księgarnia Akademicka released a new book edited by prof. Robert Kłosowicz -Pionierzy krakowskiej afrykanistyki [The pioneers of Cracow African Studies]. The publication is dedicated to the memory of prof. Roman Stopa (1895-1995) commemorating 120th anniversary of his birth. The monograph consists of eight chapters presenting life and works of prominent Cracow Africanists. The first part of the book is devoted entirely to prof. Roman Stopa, while the second gives an outline of the achievements of professors: Tadeusz Lewicki, Andrzej Waligórski, Leszek Dzięgiel, Andrzej Zaborski, and dr. Alicja Małecka. 

Table of contents

Pionierzy krakowskiej afrykanistyki
ed. Robert Kłosowicz
Publisher: Księgarnia Akademicka
Kraków 2017
Language of publication: Polish
Pages: 186


Published Date: 04.10.2017
Published by: Michał Dulak