Scholarship programmes

Studying is not only about learning from books. Today, it is also very important for students to gain the experience which would be valuable in the globalizing world. One of the means of achieving this goal is the participation in international exchange programmes.

The students of the JU Institute of Political Science and International Relations have an opportunity to participate in various Polish and international scholarship programmes. The information about the selected, most popular programmes is available in the links below.

To learn more about these programmes it is advisable to visit the websites of the Jagiellonian University units that coordinate the programmes and supervise their participants: the International Students Office and International Relations Office as well as the website of the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange in Warsaw. The links are available in the "See also" section on the right.   

It is also advised to follow the newsletters and noticeboards, as it is not uncommon to find there an offer which does not belong to any large-scale programme. Each person studying at the Institute will surely find something that suits his or her needs.

Selected programmes