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According to the power of attorney of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University of 4 September 2020, the Deputy Director for Teaching INPiSM of the Jagiellonian University considers applications related to the course of study, except for cases in which the decision is issued by the Vice-Dean of WSMiP for didactics, such as leaves from classes, transfer from another university, deletion from the list of students and resumption of studies.

The application forms can be found on the Student and Doctoral Affairs website (in Polish).

Applications can be submitted to the Secretary's office for Student Affairs or via the USOSweb. The list of cases in which applications can be submitted electronically is available in USOSweb in the "For Students" tab, in the "Applications" section.

On the website of the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University you can find many materials and explanations on key issues for students, included in the Regulations of the Jagiellonian University (websites in Polish).

The materials relate to the following matters:

  • powers of attorney to make decisions on didactic matters related to the Study Regulations for the INPiSM Directorate,
  • terms of approvals for an individual program and plan of study,
  • matters of deadlines for applications for repeating a year, subject, resumption of studies,
  • REGISTRATION DATES and REGISTRATION CONSEQUENCES (and possible non-registration) in the USOS system,
  • "rewriting" grades,
  • matters related to the so-called 50-point entry (supplementing the difference in points remaining in the previous year),
  • terms of consent to transfer from another university,
  • conditions of consent to a change of direction,
  • remission of fees for educational services.