Assistant Dean of FIPS (Faculty of International and Political Studies) for Quality Assessment Of Education at IPSIR (Institute of Political Science and International Relations)

Mirella Korzeniewska-Wiszniewska, PhD

Duties and responsibilities (summary):

  1. Quality assessment, verifying and updating the data at USOS UJ system that is necessary to conduct the surveys properly and analyse the results concerning quality enhancement correctly.

  2. Development and implementation of an internal survey system in order to increase the proportion of Jagiellonian University students and lecturers taking part in quality improvement activities.

  3. Cooperation with the Council for Student Academic Societies and the Student Government regarding information and promotion initiatives and the implementation of survey programmes.

  4. Performing tasks assigned by the authorities of IPSIR, including the preparation of analyses and other reports that are meant to improve the quality of education.

  5. The duties and responsibilities include the following types of assessment questionnaires:  

    • Course evaluation (for students),

    • The evaluation of the work of secretary’s offices, dean's offices and the departments in the division of JU Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs (for students),

    • Students' satisfaction with the university (for students),

    • Satisfaction with training and scientific research (for university workers).

Student Internship and Career Coordinator

Rafał Woźnica, PhD


Duties and responsibilities:

  1. The head and supervisor of student internship programme.
  2. Responsible for contact with external stakeholders regarding student internships and careers.
  3. Obliged to protect and support the good reputation of IPSIR.

Website Coordinator

Jakub Żurawski, PhD

Duties and responsibilities:

  1. Coordinates and supervises of the content of IPSIR website.
  2. Supervises the work of the team responsible for the website, appointed by the head of IPSIR, members of the Team:

3. Deputy Coordinator for promotion and advertising.

4. Obliged to protect and support the good reputation of IPSIR.