Chair in History of Polish Politics

The area of research interests

Staff members at the Chair in History of Polish Politics conduct research in the following areas:

  • Polish political history of 20th and 21st century
  • Polish-Ukrainian, Polish-Lithuanian and Polish-Jewish relations
  • political and social image of former Eastern Borderlands of the Republic of Poland
  • the history of Polish secret service, especially that of intelligence and counterintelligence
  • the phenomenon of Polish nationalism in 20th and 21st century from an institutional and functional perspective
  • youth political organizations in Poland in 20th and 21st century
  • the armed forces as an element of domestic policy and international relations
  • geopolitics and geostrategy   

Contact details

ul. Oleandry 2a/1
phone number: 12 633-63-77, extension 2479

Head of the Chair: prof. Grzegorz Mazur, PhD

Position: professor

Research interests:

Polish history of the 20th century, in particular the history of Polish Underground State during World War II. Moreover, his areas of interest include Polish-Ukrainian relations, the history of Polish Eastern Borderlands (especially in 19th-20th century), history of national minorities, with a particular focus on Polish-Ukrainian relations. His numerous publications include works on the history of ZWZ-AK (Union of Armed Struggle -Home Army), Polish-Ukrainian relations, the history of Lviv, many biographical articles, including the cooperation with “Polish Biographical Dictionary” (Polski Słownik Biograficzny) and participation in other similar publications. His area of research interests also includes the history of the Literary Institute in Paris (Instytut Literacki) publishing house and the journals Kultura (Culture) and Zeszyty Historyczne (Historical Notebooks) and books published there, which is, to some extent, the result of his long cooperation - the length of which cannot be matched by anyone at the Jagiellonian University - with Jerzy Giedroyć and the Notebooks; their editor dubbed him their “regular contributor”.

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Adrian Tyszkiewicz, PhD

IPSIR Deputy Head for General Affairs

Position: assistant professor with a habilitated doctor degree

Research interests:

  • political history of Poland 20th/21st century (political movements and groups, socio-political and economic system, political attitudes - political generations)

  • Polish political thought of 20th/21st century - the doctrine of Polish nationalism and its evolution, political thought

  • history and contemporary politics of East Central European countries, with particular emphasis on the Slavic region,

  • political geography and geopolitics (including methodological and historical aspects, as well as the directions of development)

  • economic policy (functional and institutional aspect)   

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