Study at the IPSIR! Basic information

I. Studying at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations means:

  • best lecturers
  • almost 100-year-long tradition of political research
  • extensive student exchange programmes with the universities in the whole Europe
  • cooperation with Polish Special Forces and uniformed services
  • attractive internship programmes
  • active student academic societies - see here for more details (in Polish)
  • a beginning of an academic career- conferences, publications in scientific journal and student magazines.

II. There are four attractive fields of study available at the first and second cycle programmes of studies, with many specialisations:

  • Political studies - the only Polish institute of political studies that has been recognised by the European CHE Excellence Ranking, and received an award from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

1st cycle degree (BSc, undergraduate) - specialities: political communication and consulting, political institutions and governance

2nd cycle degree (MSc, postgraduate) - specialities: analysis of politics, poltics and media

1st cycle degree (undergraduate) - specialities: national security, contemporary diplomacy

2nd cycle degree (MSc, postgraduate) - specialities: global and regional studies, strategic studies

1st cycle degree (undergraduate) - specialities: analytical and intelligence security, internal security

2nd cycle degree (MSc, postgraduate) - specialities: security and public order, crisis management


The admissions to all fields of studies, both to full-time and extramural programmes, are open!


III. Are you looking for detailed and up-to-date information?