Study at the IPSIR! Basic information

I. Studying at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations means:

  • best lecturers
  • almost 100-year-long tradition of political research
  • extensive student exchange programmes with the universities in the whole Europe
  • cooperation with Polish Special Forces and uniformed services
  • certified workshops organized in cooperation with companies from various branches of industry
  • attractive internship programmes
  • active student academic societies - see here for more details (in Polish)
  • a beginning of an academic career- conferences, publications in scientific journal and student magazines - check out the journal of political scientists from the Society of Political Sciences "Drugi Obieg", their Facebook fan page is also worth viewing :-)

II. There are four attractive fields of study available at the first and second cycle programmes of studies, with many specialisations:

  • Political studies - the only Polish institute of political studies that has been recognised by the European CHE Excellence Ranking, and received an award from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

1st cycle degree (BSc, undergraduate) - speciality: political journalism and political consulting.

2nd cycle degree (MSc, postgraduate) - speciality: political journalism, public policies, political institutions and governance, political and state system transformations.

1st cycle degree (undergraduate) - speciality: international security, European integration, contemporary diplomacy.

2nd cycle degree (MSc, postgraduate) - speciality: strategic studies and development studies.

1st cycle degree (undergraduate)

2nd cycle degree (MSc, postgraduate)


The admissions to all fields of studies, both to full-time and extramural programmes, are open!


III. We also offer non-degree post diploma programmes of study in the field of:

  • Social studies
  • Security and crisis management


IV. Are you looking for detailed and up-to-date information?

  • You can find admission requirements for Polish and international students on the website
  • The current course catalogue containing admission criteria, timetables, limits and other information can be found at
  • Should you have any questions regarding the admission procedures, do not hesitate to contact JU Department of Admissions using the following phone numbers: (+48 12) 663 14 01, -14 08, -14 41, -14 81, or via email or at the offices of the Department of Admissions (Działu Rekrutacji na Studia UJ): ul. Gołębia 24, room No. 19, 31-007 Kraków
  • Additional information on the programmes of studies are available on our website in the sections devoted to individual fields of study.